Kimberly Anne Scott – Biography of Eminem’s Ex Wife

As it always has been with the mainstream media, just a small fire on a piece of hay causes the house to burn. The idiom matches proportionately with the outcome of this post.

Earlier this year, the Instagrammers went gung-ho over Hailie Scott when she started uploading sensational posts on her Instagram handle. For those who don’t know Hailie, she is the little girl of Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem. If you are one of those dedicated followers like me, you might be singing in your head

“Hailie, I know miss your MOM and I know you miss your dad but I’m gone …”

Anyway, the social media stir not only got the attraction to Hailie but made people wonder about her mother. There were posts talking about the beauty she inherited from her mother.

So, here we are writing a post dedicated to Kimberly Anne Scott.

kim and eminem started dating


Kimberly Anne Scott is notably known as the ex-wife and high school sweetheart of Eminem. But it’s her daughter that made everyone go crazy about her. She had been in a tumultuous on and off again relationship with the Eminem as well as the Law.

Since the public defamation of her personal life in 2007, she has kept herself from the public eye. However, both Eminem and Kim share the custody of their child Hailie.

Early Life

Kim Scott was born on January 9th 1975, in Warren, Michigan, along with her twin brother Dawn Scott. Although she hasn’t made her early background public, we dig deep to know that she was born to Kathleen Sluck and was living with her step-father before fleeing away. Her stepfather was reported to be an abusive alcoholic, which resulted in Kim’s running away from her house.

At a tender age of 13, she met a pretty downcast guy – Marshal Bruce Mathers III. After the twins ran away in 1987, they were brought home by Eminem’s mother Debby Mathers. The couple locked their eyes for the first time in a house party when Marshal was singing one his favorite songs “I’m Bad” standing on table half-naked. Then, he brought her to home asking his mother to let her stay at their place.

This was the beginning of their promiscuous sixteen years of a relationship filled with; love, rage, complication, marriage, and divorce.

Start of Kim and Eminem’s relationship

Eminem And Kimberly Anne Kim Scott

Kim and Eminem distinctively started dating from 1987-1996. However, sources also tell that Eminem’s mother Debbie Marther Briggs didn’t take their relationship kindly which we believe is one of the reasons the couple had to move out to another neighborhood. However, things only started to get worse from that period of time.

This is what she had to say about the hood she lived in:

The neighborhoods we lived in fucking sucked. I went through four TVs and five VCRs in two years.

The relation of Kim and Eminem had no shortage of love filled with animosity. One statement explains it all about the couple.

In 1999, one of Eminem’s closest friend rapper Proof told to Rolling Stone which sums up the obscure complicated relationship of the couple. He quotes, “One time we came home and Kim had thrown all his clothes on the lawn… and Em’s like; I’m leaving her, I’m never going back. Next day, he’s back with her. The love they got is so genuine, it’s ridiculous. He gonna end up marrying her. But there’s always gonna be conflict there.”

This is the love that brought the rage and persona – Slim Shady that we all fanboys know.

The Birth of Hailie Scott

The beautiful brunette that we know now, was born on a Christmas day 1995. Hailie is the biggest gift I could ask for. I love her a lot – this is what we have heard Eminem say numerous times. The love and care he sheds to his daughter aren’t under shadow to mainstream media.

In fact, during early days, when it was hard to put food on the table, Eminem used to work 60 hours a week in a restaurant. This change nearly ended his dream of hitting big in the rap scene.

One of the Eminem’s former employers, Mazur told Salon Magazine that:

“He didn’t want his daughter to grow up like he did, living from day to day and moving from week to week.”

Although he was working 60 hours, he continued working on his career by recording demos in the basement of the restaurant. This is why the world gives him the props and respect for what he has achieved on his own.

Eminem and Kim Divorce & Suicide attempts

After just a few years of tying the knot, the couple decided to split in 2001. It’s said that the reason behind it is the song “Kim” where he mentions about murdering his wife. Further, he played the song in his “Up in Smoke Tour” which boiled more tension in the relationship. The humiliation led to her attempted suicide by slashing her wrists. She was rushed to the hospital.

Post the suicide attempt, Eminem filed for divorce. In retrospect, Kim sued Eminem for publicly defaming her in the song. Watch video.

Kim’s life after divorce’s aftermath

After the divorce was finalized in 2001, Kim started a new life dating a guy named Eric Hatter. The couple also had a daughter together primarily named as Whitney Scott. They split for some unknown reasons.

Eminem and Kim used to see each other a lot due to her daughter Hailie. This eventually resulted in reconciliation by forgetting all the differences. They dated for a year before deciding to marry again in 2006. As Kim told in her autobiography – She wasn’t ready for the marriage. She thought it was going to fast.

So, eventually, the bad moment got the better of the couple again when they decided to call it quit again after 3 months of marriage.

Sources claim that Kim and Eminem’s brother Nathan had a disturbing fight after Eminem went on the tour which may have led to the divorce. But Eminem and Kim both have kept shut about the news.


On July 8, 2001, Kim was arrested for creating havoc by driving a jet ski under the influence of alcohol. Also following her arrest, she was found to have a possession of cocaine in the backseat of her car and driving with a suspended license.

kimberly ann scott arrested mug shot

Kim’s Family Life

Kim has two biological daughters, Hailie with Eminem and Whitney with Hatters. She also adopted Alaina Mathers who is the daughter of her twin sister Dawn Scott. Eminem later adopted Whitney as well during their brief marriage run.

Quick Summary: Now as the lovers of Eminem’s music it’s okay to have a genuine dislike for the women that have caused havoc in Eminem’s personal life. However, we can’t also deny the fact that she was the subject of change in Eminem’s career. She brought the inside rage within Eminem and built-in Slim Shady persona. We truly don’t know if Eminem would have got this far without Kim’s and Hailie’s presence.