Hazel Gordy: Biography of Jermaine Jackson’s Ex-wife

A media personality and a former model, Hazel Gordy aka Hazel Gordy Jackson is notably recognized as the ex-wife of Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael Jackson.

Her name flew in the media scenes particularly after she found her husband cheating on her resulting in a horrendous divorce.

Early Life

Hazel Gordy was born on August 24, 1954, in Detroit, Michigan as the eldest child of Berry Gordy and Thelma Coleman. Her father Berry is the founder of Motown Record Corporation that is responsible for artists and groups like Stevie Wonder and Jackson 5. She has two brothers, Berry IV (born October 1955) and Terry James (Born August 1956). She also has four more siblings from her father after marriage and relationships.

As she was surrounded by music from an early age, Hazel’s love for music grew significantly. She was able to fulfil the void of music passion through homeschooling. With her father owning the record label, it wasn’t too hard for her to pursue her career in music. However, she wasn’t able to make big and later settled with Jermaine Jackson.

Hazel Gordy’s Personal Life

Hazel Gordy was married to the original singer of Jackson 5, Jermaine Jackson on December 15, 1973. In 1986, her marriage started to show cracks when she discovered her husband cheating with his mistress, Margaret Maldonado.

Margaret also gave birth to her first son with Jackson in the same year. However, Hazel tried to reconcile their relationship but eventually gave up and filled in for divorce in 1988.

Hazel Gordy

Hazel and Jackson have three kids together, Jay Jackson Jr (born January 1977), Autumn Joy Jackson (born July 1978), and Jaimy Jermaine Jackson (born March 1987).

After the divorce, Hazel took the custody of her three kids.

According to People magazine, In 1988, Hazel accused Jermaine of attempted rape when he came to visit his children. However, she decided not to press charges for her family wellbeing.

Despite the heinous departure, the one time lovers still hold a feeling of compassion and friendship for each other.

Hazel and Jermaine are known to have a soft corner for all of their kids, especially for Autumn and Jaimy. Jermaine is often seen sharing moments with his kids which you can clearly see in the photographs.


Where is hazel now? Is she dead?

After her divorce, Hazel kept herself away from the media. Although her ex-husband married twice after her, she remained single till this date. Our insiders couldn’t find about her dating rumours.

Besides, there was quite a rumour on Hazel’s death. However, just to clarify the bogus claims, she is well and truly alive.

The last time we saw her was when The Heart Foundation honoured Berry Gordy with Steven S. Cohen Humanitarian Award in 2008.

Hazel Gordy

Here is a video interview with the two  sharing their story

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