Keith Lieberthal: Biography of Julianna Margulies Husband

Like many popular Hollywood celebrities, Julianna Margulies and her Dartmouth Lawyer husband, Keith Lieberthal has made a clear statement. When there is true love, even the Hollywood couples can make it work!

She is the woman of talent letting her camera skills do the talking, but it’s her husband who gets the talking behind the scenes. We now totally get how the 8 times screen actor Guild Award winner found love in the arms of Keith Lieberthal. The blue dreamy eyes of Lieberthal would have made anyone fall in love. What’s surprising is counterpart has no connection with the Film Industry despite being a hottie himself.

However, even behind the eyes of purity, there lies the story that makes the man who we now know as Keith Lieberthal.  So what’s the story behind this cute pie of hotness? We have everything you need to know

Keith Lieberthal Personal & Married Life

Talking to Ellen Degeneres, Julianne told that she met her husband at a dinner party held by one of the agents. Although we were instantly baffled by Keith’s personality and hot looks, it wasn’t the case with Julianne.

She argued how she was head over heels with the person inside and his sheer intelligence than his looks.

His young look even baffled Julianna that made her misjudge his age.

“I said, ‘Are you an actor?’ Because as much as I love you all, I can’t. I’m done,'” she recalled. “And he’s like, ‘No, I’m a lawyer.’ I’m like, ‘Really? Where do you practice?’ And he’s like, ‘I was a Wall Street litigator for six years.’ I was like ‘Really? You’re 12.'”

In fact, he is just six years younger than her. Talk about keeping up with his looks. Probably SOME celebrities could take a tip or two from the guy himself. Born on August 23, 1972, in Ohio, Keith too belongs to a Jewish parent just like his wife. Recalling the memorable meeting, she told how she still can’t believe he met the Jewish Guy. And things just got better for her.

Julianna was 7 months pregnant when the couple decided to tie a knot on November 10, 2007. The couple took it really low as far as wedding ceremony was concerned. Only the close ones and family were involved in the wedding. The media came to know about the wedding only after the photo was made public. Instead of taking high roads to honeymoon, the couple moved to Los Angeles where Julianna was preparing for her TV drama “Canterbury’s Law.”

After few months of marriage, Julianna gave birth to their first child Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal.

Keith’s mother Jane Lindsay and father Kenneth Lieberthal worked day in and day out to put his son in the position he is in now. Keith adores his mother which is why he gave his mother’s surname to his first kid. The duo is often seen in various premiers with their kid sprinkling the love they have for each other.

Julianna in a white gown and Keith in Black Tux getting married

Keith Lieberthal Professional Career

The love of Julianna’s life is not just an ordinary person. Although he isn’t in Hollywood, he is an accomplished lawyer who has serviced on Wall Street for 6 years.

Coming from Harvard Law School, you can assume the IQ level of this hunky guy from Ohio. He did his Bachelors in philosophy from Dartmouth College from 1991-1995. In 1999, he graduated from Harvard and was also a member of student advisory board during his tenure.

According to his Linkedin profile, he has switched to various corporate roles from 1995 to present day. After being an associate consultant for various firms, he is now working as the senior director of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Net Worth and Social Media Profile

Although Keith Lieberthal doesn’t even make the 20 percent of what his companion makes, their relationship is filled with love. And that’s what makes it so real. Being the senior director, he makes a fair share of income of around mid $200,000 which is nothing compared to the $22 million that the Good Wife star takes home.

But there is more to having just money, it’s Keith’s good heart and understanding nature that has made this couple’s relationship last for over a decade now.

As far as social media is concerned, Keith has no Twitter or Facebook profiles. However, you can check his Linkedin Profile for his work journey.