How to Easily Monetize Followers on TikTok – 3 Steps

How can I monetize my 1,000 followers on TikTok or Instagram?

It is actually very easy to monetize followers, the problem is that many news articles we read are focusing on mega influencers. They direct you to the TikTok creators program which is only available for influencers about 10,000 followers. It is similar to the YouTubers that are making money from Google ads.

If we focus for a minute on a micro influencer with 1,000 followers, there are a few fast and easy ways to monetize your followers.

Monetize Followers TikTok Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Store Influencer Promotion

Say you live in Wichita, Kansas, and you are the star of the girls soccer team. Walk into your ice cream shop and ask the manager if they will be willing to do a test promotion.

You want to see how responsive your followers are to your influence.

An influencer is someone that can influence people to do things, For example; Buy ice cream at a specific store.

Ask the ice cream store manager if they are willing to make a custom special offer that you can promote to your fans. Maybe $1 off pistachio ice cream when mentioning your name. Give it a try. Can you make a video that will convince all your followers to head over to the local ice cream store and mention your name for a discount?

Caveat; Don’t be one of those annoying people that over promise and under deliver! Don’t ask for a freebie! Don’t discuss payment!

The purpose it to test your influencer ability, and if you are actually good, they will come running back to you for more promos!

How an Influencer Can Really Monetize Followers

Mega influencers have used their ability to influence to promote makeup, electronics, handbags and clothing. They get paid a percentage of sales, and sometimes that get paid a flat fee per post / video.

Remember, an influencer is actually a salesman working for many different companies.

Recently every influencer has been signing up for affiliate marketing programs thinking that is the solution. But it is important to understand the ins and outs of how affiliate marketing programs work. We will discuss that in another article.

Step One – Register Your Domain Name – Important!

If you are planning on making money as an influencer, you need to have your own website.

For Real! Do you know how many influencers had Facebook pages with 100,000 followers, that are now broke! That is because they put all their efforts into building a website for Mark Zuckerberg, instead of building their own brand.

The purpose of using a platform like Instagram or TikTok, is to attract fans, and then send those people to your own website.

So go today and register your domain. You can use a company like NameCheap or

Step Two – Create Your Own Branded Website

Why do you need to create your own website, and not simply rely on for all your promotions? Because in a few years, LinkTree will go the way of

A popular web hosting company that many influencers use is BlueHost.

Creating your own website is actually very easy to do. If you are smart enough to create videos and use a platform like TikTok or Instagram, then you are smart enough to put together a basic WordPress website.

Step Three – Find Offers That Monetize Your Followers

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs available. Many people start with an affiliate program like Amazon Associates, and are quickly discouraged. Knowing the details of how an affiliate program works is very important. A professional influencer invests their time in finding an offer that is the right fit for their audience.

Amazon for example has rules about; cookie duration, first or last click, and add to cart to name a few. If this sounds Greek to you, then you shouldn’t be discouraged that your last promotions netted $1.43 in commissions.

You will really need to invest the time in reading their terms and conditions, to understand how, why and to who they pay commissions. It is more than just the advertised commission rate you see. Affiliate programs have all kinds of rules to prevent fraud, and reward to right affiliate.