Nancy Putkoski: Biography of Anthony Bourdain’s Ex Wife

Five Facts about Nancy Putkoski’s relationship with Anthony Bourdain

Nancy Putkoski! Well, this name is not a familiar name in the e-buzz. Nancy Putkoski is an ordinary woman who is far away from the limelight. However, her identity as a celebrity ex-wife might bring a curiosity knowing about her husband. Nancy Putkoski is the ex-wife of famous American chef and author Anthony Michael Bourdain. Anthony Bourdain needs no introduction if you are an avid food lover and flick through the recipes. Since world is aware of Anthony Bourdain, so how about Nancy Putkoski? Let’s go through five facts about Nancy Putkoski’s relationship that will help us to know something about her.

1. Nancy Putkoski was the high school sweetheart.

Nancy Putkoski is the high school sweetheart of Anthony Bourdain. They were in a relationship for several years prior to getting married. We can find the picture of the couple on their youth on the internet.

2. Nancy and Anthony got married.

Nancy Putkoski and Anthony Bourdain got married in 1986 and they lived happily until for two decades. When asked about the marital life of the couple with Anthony Bourdain, he commented that Nancy is his partner in crime, his wife and before that his girlfriend. It suggests the couple was so in love with each other.

3. Nancy and Anthony Bourdain, blessed with children.

Nancy Putkoski and her ex-husband Anthony Bourdain have no child together though they spend 20 years together as a husband and wife. Anthony Bourdain actually regrets this fact that he does not have any children.

4. Nancy and Anthony’s marital failure

Nancy Putkoski and Anthony Bourdain separated in 2004 and the divorce was finalized in 2005. The reason for their divorce was cited as Anthony Bourdain’s Tour. In 2000, Anthony has published a book titled ‘Kitchen Confidential’ that made him Tour a lot and his marital life got ruined.

5. Nancy getting back to her ex-husband

There came a rumor that Nancy was getting back to him after she released the picture of Anthony Bourdain and his friend, Steven Temple, being pool naked in 2011. Anthony commented that he was not aware of his picture and was taken by Nancy back in 1999. Nancy has not commented on this topic and even the magazine who published this picture did not leak the source.

No, any media has stored any details on her. Her name is linked with Anthony Bourdain as his first wife and that’s all. The information regarding her date of birth, childhood, education and career facts are all in the shade. Even during the relationship with Anthony Bourdain, she was reluctant to giving her personal life details. After the divorce, Nancy Putkoski has been the history.