Ty Christian Harmon – Biography of the Son of Mark Harmon

Ty Christian Harmon isn’t a big showbiz name for the industry. If he was; you would have had a total grasp of information rather than jumping to this post to learn about him.

So who is Ty Christian Harmon? We break down his biography to give you a clear picture of the man himself.

Known mostly as the son of TV’s most enthralling star – Mark Harmon, Ty Christian Harmon is a name to remember as well in the screenwriting department of the industry. Although he isn’t as popular as his brother – Sean Harmon, Christian is definitely pulling his socks with his screenwriting stints.

Early Background & Career

Ty & Mark Harmon family picture

Born on June 25, 1992, to parents Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber, he was a keep it to himself kind of kid says his father. Although his father took a degree in communications, Christian decided to take early inroads to the entertainment industry when he landed himself in a screenwriting position.

Isn’t it obvious? How many times have we seen the family tree clinging on to the career that the head of the family chooses at the first place? Let me guess – several times to even count.

The same thing goes for the 30 year old good looking kid. Although both of Mark’s kid spend a low profile life, Christian is believed to pursue his career with his father’s help.

Ty has a private Instagram account you can try to follow, see here.

Ty Harman Personal Life & Net Worth


We rarely see Mark and Pam talk about their personal life. And looks like their children has inherited the same characters from their parents. Unlike many star kids who run after fame, Christian lies low from the mainstream media. His brother Sean has occasionally been seen with a girl that he has kept as a secret but the younger brother hasn’t even caught an eye of the media for any such events.

Christian’s net worth is something that is completely hidden from the news. It’s probably because of the lesser media coverage he and his brother Sean receives. However, his father the NCIS top rated actor, makes a whopping $40 million, which should be enough for the family to lead a happy lifestyle.

Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber keeping up with healthy relationship

Mark and Pam have been married for over 30 years now. The country where the divorce rate is higher than any other country, this couple seizes every moment to surprise the couple with long-term goals.

When asked about the secrecy behind such a long and happy relationship, he giggled and simply replied – “Keep your private life private”.

He claims that he is not a Twitter guy and being with his family is more important than being social. He further explained how he is just like a normal couple – we learn as we go and this is how we keep our relationship going added Mark.

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