Myrna Colley Lee: Biography of of Morgan Freeman’s Ex Wife

Once cast in a classic prime-time TV Show, 60 minutes, Myrna Colley-Lee is well known as the ex-wife of one of the most decorated Hollywood actors, Morgan Freeman.

The 80-year-old veteran and multiple time Oscar nominee has been in a plethora of box office hits and critically acclaimed movies.

Myrna notably hit the media hemisphere, after Morgan confirmed the rumors of his divorce. His 24 years of failed marriage suggests that no matter how long you have been in the relationship, you can’t always make it work!

Myrna Colley-Lee Personal Life: Married to Morgan Freeman


Myrna and Morgan tied a knot on June 16, 1984, in a closed ceremony. She was a film costume designer at that time and he was fresh from his first divorce. They were set up on a date by a mutual friend. The couple hit it off on their first date and 24 years history is all to be seen!

The couple had adopted Morgan’s step-granddaughter E’dena Hines from Morgan’s first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. Myrna and Morgan don’t share any biological kids between them. However, they were raising four kids from Morgan’s previous relationships and affairs. Among them, actor Alfonso Freeman has to be the most popular one. Alfonso is the child of Morgan’s extra marital relationship with Loletha Adkins.

Freeman was also notorious enough to have two kids from his extramarital affair. One source claim that he was having affair with Mary Joyce Hays who was a school teacher. Morgan was allegedly put in the scandal of being in a relationship with her own granddaughter E’dena.

Neither Myrna nor Morgan testified the claims. On the other hand, E’dena was in a long-term relationship with rapper Lamar Davenport who was charged with the murder of E’dena in 2015. We know how the gossips can be blown out of proportion. So we can’t trust the legitimacy behind that rumor.

Myrna Divorce (1984-2010): How 24 years of marriage ended


In late 2007, Myrna filed for divorce. In her pledge, she constantly mentioned her marriage as a desperate tryout. She told how they haven’t had any intimate scenes from 2001.

Further, the problems sunk deep with Morgan’s extramarital affairs. And as a fan, we didn’t feel surprised as he has a history of making babies out of marriage. And Alfonso Rene Freeman (born on 1959) is a prime example of it.

The divorce was finally settled in 2010. In the divorce settlement, Myrna secured a whopping $400 million. According to Bossip, She also received remuneration in the form of real estates. She went on to grab an apartment near New York Central Park, along with $7 million house in the British Virgin Islands.

Well, that was one costly divorce!

Myrna Colley-Lee Post Life: Where is she now?

Myrna was an accomplished theater and film costume designer before she even married Freeman. Her designs were featured in various productions like Relativity and Wedding Band: A Love/Hate Story in Black and White.

Her artworks have been the highlights of various events. In 2017, she collaborated with Reflections to organize an art gallery focusing on Afro-American Life. She is also one of the 15 commissioners of Mississippi Arts Commission that offers financial grants to art programs in the state of Mississippi. She is responsible for budget evaluation and meeting program requirements at MAC. Watch Myrnra Colley Lee’s event in action.

Myrna is also an active philanthropist offering her services for different non-profit organizations including The Rock River Foundation and The Mississippi State University Department of Art.

Even after her divorce, she maintains a healthy relationship with her kids. She was there showing gratitude to her late granddaughter after E’dena was stabbed to death. Her kids too claim Myrna as a lovable mother.

Although Myrna isn’t a Hollywood veteran like her ex-husband, her philanthropist work and arts have always kept her in the news. We can’t tell her exact net worth at the moment but she could be making at least $200,000 annually.