Olivia Washington – Biography of Denzel Hayes Washington’s Daughter


Hollywood actress Olivia Washington is known for her performance in the movies The Butler, released in 2013, Robot and Madoff in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Besides her professional identity as an actress, Olivia Washington is best known for being the daughter of a famous American actor, director and producer – Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. and Paulette Washington. Denzel is the winner of prestigious Golden Glove awards for thrice, two academy awards and a tony award. Olivia Washington followed the footsteps of her parents and they stood there for her providing support and instructions to move ahead in her career.

Early Background

Olivia Washington was born on April 10, 1991, in Los Angeles to parents Denzel Washington and Paulette Washington as their youngest child among the four children they have. Olivia Washington is the most loved child in her family being the youngest one. She had a blissful childhood. Since she is born to the family of higher prestige in acting arena, she got inspired by them and started following their footsteps. Both her parents are popular actors, her grandmother Lennis Washington was also an actress and her aunt Rita Pearson is also an actress.

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As such, her siblings John David Washington and Katia Washington are in involved in acting whereas her other brother Malcolm Washington fancied sports and plays basketball. She attended a local school in Los Angeles where she used to perform in the school dramas and while at college as well, she continued acting. Olivia Washington is a graduate of New York University. She started her career with small roles on the television screen and silver screen for which she received huge appreciation and got noticed by big directors opening her door to land in different roles.

Relationship & Link Up

Twenty-five years old Olivia Washington is an American beauty from black ethnicity. She is a stunning beauty whose beauty and fame have of course knocked the doors of many men. It is doubtful that she is still single. However, it is not mentioned in any media regarding her affairs and boyfriends. It is obvious that she has not tied the marital knot or has been engaged as her ring finger is still empty.

Olivia Washington is busy in acting and has avoided talking about her personal stuff and loves her privacy. She is guided and supported by her family members to avoid the media regarding her personal stuff as a rumor can affect her focus and make her slip from her dream.

Olivia’s Career & Interest

Unlike many other children of famous actors, Olivia has taken a different route to success. She didn’t use the fame of her father to climb to the billion dollar industry. Olivia has performed in various successful movies. She is best known for her roles in Lee Daniels’ The Butler (2013), Madoff(2016) and Mr. Robot (2015). She has also played in a 199 seat theatre play “The Glass Menagerie” as Laura in spring 2015.

Since a tender age, Olivia Washington loved to dance and perform which of course might have come through her genes. She loves acting and dancing a lot. Besides, she is a good cook and an avid animal lover. She is very dreamy and a hard worker at the same time which will surely lead her to the glorious days in future. She loves to play hockey in her free time.

Date with the Father

On the 2013 Golden Globes awards, Denzel Washington made his appearance with someone who looked a lot like his wife but a lot younger. Turns out Denzel brought his then 21 year old daughter Olivia to the event. All through out the night she was mistaken as her mother due to the uncanny resemblance she shared with her mother. So, her father spent the whole evening trying to explain everyone that she is not his wife.

Olivia Washington Denzel Washingtion daughter

Source: gawker.com