Best Practical Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples

Wedding season is upon us, and once again I find myself thinking of a unique wedding present. The problem with finding a good wedding present, is that all the “Top 10 Lists” don’t have any good ideas.

So I decided it is time to come up with a new list of Wedding Gifts, that stood the test of time, and I can use as a reference for future weddings. The way I came up with this list of by looking around my house for the most useful Wedding Gifts that we received from friends and family.

Let’s start with the Bad or Risky Wedding Gift Ideas

  • Personalized Mugs – Every new couple if bound to get 5 sets of Coffee cups with their initials.
  • His & Hers Bathrobes – How many do I need, and I already have one.
  • Wine Decanter – I really don’t have time to wait for my wine, I just drink it from the can.
  • Coasters – We are not so fancy, and we don’t drink from our personalized glasses while watching TV.
  • Home Electronics – All the ones we received, are already broken and outdated.

Wedding Gifts that are Unique

These wedding gifts are unique because both the bridge and the groom will appreciate them. It doesn’t matter if you are buying for a couple that has everything, or this is a wedding present for a coworker. They will for sure get good usage out of it, and it will last a long time.

#1 Best Wedding Gift for 2020

The number 1, best gift idea is a high quality Backgammon Set. The reason why couple love this as a wedding present, is because it is a gift for the two of them. And since marriage is all about spending alone time as a couple, what better way, than a game of backgammon.

The Solid Wood Backgammon Set from Yellow Mountain Imports, is a large 17 inches. It comes with high quality Acrylic playing pieces, and nice wooden dice cups. Pricing is around $75, Check Latest Price.

Best Wedding Gifts Idea Number 1


#2 Best Gift for Couples

“Until Death Do Us Part…” is quite a long time, and since a third of your life is spent sleeping, how about a Luxurious Down Comforter.

Rosecose is a popular maker of Goose Down Comforters, and when buying a quality down comforter,  it is important to choose one with a “Fill Power” of 750. Check latest prices.

Another little tidbit, most people have a Queen Size bed, in their bedroom. But a quick text message can simply answer the question for you. Although it is the summer, and most people are thinking of a Barbecue, think ahead, and give them a memorable wedding gift.

Best Wedding Gifts for Couples 2

#3 Ultimate Wedding Gift

The greatest American pastime is sitting on the porch, next to your spouse and watching the sunset. Since many of us don’t have a porch facing and uninterrupted view of the West, we mostly just watch the joggers running by.

The best wedding present that a young couple may not understand, but a mature older couple will definitely appreciate, is a set of Zero Gravity Porch Chairs.  Amazon Basics just recently listed these chairs at an amazingly low price (Check latest price).

Ultimate Wedding Gifts 2019