5 Things you probably didn’t knew about Terry crews

Terry Crews, probably best known for his role as Julius on the popular sitcom, Everybody Hates Chris, began his acting career in 1997. Since then, he has been in a chunk of movies and TV shows. Some of Terry crews’ movies have received a lot of accolades over the year. Here are some facts that you may or may not know about Terry Crews.

  1. Professional football player

    Young Terry as a Football Player

    Terry Crews was a standout defenseman during his time at Western Michigan University. Crews was drafted by the Rams in 1991. He played two seasons with the Rams before playing with the San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles. He also managed squashed a position of linebacker in a season with the Rhein Fire in the World League of American Football. He retired from professional football in 1997.

  2. A talented sketch artist

    Terry crews sketch artist
    Artistic Skill of Terry

    After graduating from high school, Crews received a Chrysler-sponsored scholarship to attend Interlochen center for the Arts, a renowned art school in Michigan. He disclosed his talent on Jimmy Kimmel live. In the show, Crews talked about how he took care of himself and his family  by selling portraits to his teammates. Below is a painting by Terry Crews.

  3. A Man of Religion

    man of religioni
    Terry and Rebecca on Gospel Goes to Hollywood

    Growing up, Terry Crews lived in a strict Christian household. He has kept his fail as an adult and is still a devoted Christian today. A few years back, Crews couple received an award at the annual “Gospel Goes to Hollywood” event where he spoke about the role of religion in his life. Sometimes, Crews also tweets about his faith and beliefs:

        ‘Happy to be saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost! God is good and has always been! Thanks to Him for EVERYTHING!’


        ‘Religion is a set of beliefs concerning he cause, nature and purpose of the universe. If you believe in nothing, that’s your religion.’


       ‘Atheism is a religious view. They believe there’s no God. It’s impossible not to have a religious view. It’s like saying there’s no weather.’


  4. Twitter account for his muscles



    Terry began lifting weights at a young age and has gained a lot of recognition for his chiseled physique. He has palyed some Old Spice commercials which often pictured him showing off his body and strength. Crews’ spectacular body has become so popular that fans have actually created a Twitter account in 2011, just for his muscles.

  5. A Lip Sync Pro

    In the show, Lip Sync Battle, Terry went against former boxer Mike Tyson. Although Tyson was likely the crowd favorite, Crews’ proficiency for physical comedy quickly took over the audience. His song choices were “Sucker M.C.’s” by Run-D.M.C.” and “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. Spoiler Alert: he nailed it and one.