5 Weird Facts about Russian Woman

Russians as other Slavic nation seem to have always been separated from us with an invisible boundary. Well, there are just too many differences between their culture and a modern Western world. However, unexplored does not mean bad. Today we offer you 5 most weird facts about Russian women.

Men from all around the world jump at a chance dating a genuine Russian woman. Here you have several points for you to get at least mentally prepared. Believe us; it is better to get over a bit of a shock now than later while dating someone on Amur. There we go!

  • 60% of Russian women wear fur coats in winter

Yes, from the first sight, it is as if every shaggy creature fled from the forest and occupied the streets. What is worse, it will take you forever to develop a skill on recognizing which Furious woman is yours. These coats usually starting from the shoulders until the very feet cover every attractive feature of Slavic women.

Such a wear-the-whole-zoo habit was formed due to several reasons. First, this is the only piece of clothes, which helped, and still helps survive in freezing winters. Secondly, the longer and thicker fur coat you have the richer and respected you are. Even fashion trends for artificial fur will never affect the mentality. However, we think that Russian ladies are cleverer than we thought, as bears will hardly attack alike creatures.  

  • Approximately 94% of Russian women consider themselves unattractive.

You may prove them wrong saying various compliments. By the way, things like big-as-an-ocean eyes will hardly work here. You may give various presents: jewellery, clothes that will temporarily satisfy your woman. Still, she will say she is not pretty most of the time.

russian woman

That is why, every week she visits a salon, every day she wears high heels, looks stunningly beautiful in order to prove herself wrong. It is up to you to decide whether it is an unconfident con or a hot caretaking pro. What if all of this is a trick demanding various compliments from you?

  • The majority of Russian women believes that sautéed chicken with vegetables is the best aphrodisiac.

That is why women who are to leave parents’ house work hard to give it a perfect flavour and taste. This is one of the main weapons in the battle for a man’s heart in Russia. Maybe, oysters and borsch here are so spread that paled into insignificance. Well, even the most experienced world’s chefs are sure nothing can spoil chicken. Again, such tricky ladies…

  • Early sex means she is not interested in your relationships


To say nothing about serious relationships. Of course, a famous and widely spread in Russia trend staying pure until marriage does not work in 21st century. However, you can expect nothing good from a sober Russian woman sleeping with you on a first date.

No secrets left, nothing sacred about it, no chance for relationships to develop. Russian women are more serious than Europeans are. That is why we do not recommend seducing them at once. Remember that innocent flirt has never spoilt any relationships.

  • An unmarried woman is considered to be defective

Furthermore, if such a fact is true about women in their 50s in the US, Russian women suffer from it having reached (oh God!) 25! Early marriages are the strongest. Especially when your parents make it happen. Then you will be happy until death does you part.

These are the stereotypes Russians believe and stick. The same is about divorced women. That is the main reason why so many of them are eager to get married ASAP. Here people talk and it affects lives. Usually, Russians blush when they are gossiped about. Therefore, just imagine how red unmarried Russian women are here.