5 weird smartphone facts that you never knew existed

Smartphones have firmly entered our daily lives, and now they’re associated with dozens of different rumours, though many of which aren’t true. It may seem that we already know everything about smartphones: what they are made of, what processor they have on board, how much memory they have, and so on.

But there are secrets more amazing and unimaginable, despite that these gadgets are always in our pockets. Today, we’ll tell you about five weird and interesting facts about smartphones.

1) Larger smartphones make people more confident

Scientists from the Harvard Business School (HBS) found a relationship between the size of the mobile device, position of the person’s body, and their behaviour. Briefly summarizing their conclusions, we can say that the owners of large gadgets behave more confidently than the owners of devices with small screens.

The main reason for this is in the position we take when talking on the phone. A small smartphone makes you hunch and shrink, while the gadget with a large display allows you to take an open position, which boosts self-confidence. Besides, such smartphone can cover you from the wind, or you can use your gadget as an oar or a shovel in case of emergency.

2) Smartphone and sex


A smartphone is a very intimate thing for its owner. No wonder why we’re so afraid of getting caught browsing some kinky pics on some dating site, like Ukrainian dating sites on our gadgets.

So don’t be surprised that even during sex, people don’t let their phones out of their hands. Every tenth owner of a smartphone checks for updates while making love. A study on this topic was conducted recently in the US.

3) Smartphones cause various diseases

Smartphones are often accused of provoking various diseases. For example, some argue that long conversations on the phone can lead to a partial hearing loss because the user constantly adds volume to cover street noises in the background. Dirty screens provoke skin problems. Long conversations in an uncomfortable position lead to pain in the neck and back.

But the most interesting “disease” associated with smartphones was discovered by scientists in South Korea. Researchers have suggested that obsession with mobile devices provokes the development of so-called “digital dementia” which results in an inability to concentrate.

4) Smartphones and tablets host more bacteria than the rim of the toilet


Yes, people wash their gadgets much less often than clean the toilet in their apartment, although we touch our smartphones a hundred times a day.

As a result, microbes accumulate on its surface in an amount of about 160 million/cm2. Besides, every sixth smartphone “takes a dive” into the toilet. It’s not surprising because every third user always takes the device to the toilet with them.

5) Your smartphone can tell a lot about your character

American company TalkTalk Mobile conducted an unusual study to create a psychological portrait of the owners of smartphones running on the different operating system: iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.

The conclusions are as follows: iPhone owners pay much attention to their image and spend a lot of money on it. They consider themselves more attractive than the owners of other devices. They usually travel more and spend time on social media more often.

BlackBerry owners mean business – they communicate mostly via emails and earn $4,000 more a year than the owners of other smartphones. They’re also distinguished by the ability to build long-term relationships.

People with Android smartphones on average have better manners, and they’re great cooks. Also, they watch TV more often and drink more alcohol if you measure the volume drunk in a week.