Winnfred Wilford: The Biography of Actress Debbie Allen’s Husband


Winnfred Wilford, known as Win Wilford is the name of the ex-husband of the popular American actress Debbie Allen. Debbie Allen is a Golden globe Award winner who is active in the entertainment world as an actress, dancer, and choreographer. Win Wilford also is active in the Hollywood world but is working in behind the scene. He served as a vice-president at CBS Records and was a publicist at Epic Label.

Personal Life

Since Winnfred Wilford is not a high profile name to be recognized by general people and being reluctant to giving out the information on him to the media, there is no any clue on the personal life of Winnfred Wilford. He has black ethnicity and hence, has the mentality to promote the black artists. He also has been involved in the similar sector and it means, he must have been well-raised with a good education. For as with great powers comes great responsibility.


Winnfred Wilford’s current involvement in not known. However, he served as the vice president of CBS Records and has worked as the publicist for its Epic Label. With Epic, he was responsible for caring and supporting the black artists and promote them. Some of the artists whom he nurtured are Lou Rawls, the Jacksons, Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross. He claims that his relationship with all his stars is close and the stars know what they are doing.

Marital Life with Debbie Allen

Winnfred Wilford and Debbie Allen had met at the rehearsals for a 1973-off Broadway musical, Sheba, where Winnfred Wilford acted as a chorus boy and Debbie was a featured dancer. Debbie Allen confessed she found him attractive. He used to drive on a Mercedes-Benz, used to wear fine clothes and even when he comes late for rehearsals, no one would get mad at him.

After the end of the show, Winnfred and Debbie finally came close and found a lot of things common in between them. Debbie was already a mother of three kids at that time. Eventually, Debbie and Winnfred started dating and they got married in 1975. The marital life was happy for some time but later the couple had to split because of being busy. For Debbie, she had to work for 13 hours a day in Hollywood and for Win, he was 3000 miles away in Manhattan. The two could barely find time for each other and thus this became the reason for their separation. The couple got divorced in 1983.

There is no information available on Winnfred Wilford’s current relationship status, whether he got remarried or is single.

Wife Debbie Allen

Best known for her performance in 1982 musical-drama television series titled ‘Fame’ Debbie Allen is an American actress, dancer, choreographer, television director, and producer. She can be seen currently on a television series titled ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as Catherine Avery since 2011. She has been active in the industry since 1976. Debbie Allen is In Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is a receiver of three Emmy Awards for the choreography in Fame and The Motown 25th Anniversary Special. She has the net worth of $3 million.