Samuel Soba – Biography of Keri Hilson’s Husband

Who is Samuel Soba?

So, you landed on this post because you have no idea about Samuel Soba. To be fair to you, Samuel Soba is genuinely not a recognized and a popular name. But Samuel’s identity is distinguished in the world as the husband of Keri Hilson, a very famous American entertainer, actress, R&B and pop singer, and songwriter. He is said to be the most down to earth guy as defined by Keri. He can’t be just an ordinary guy who can win a heart of the Georgian superstar – Keri Hilson.

Personal Life

Samuel Soba is married to Keri Hilson in 2002, March 17. It is reported that the couple had met during the months of 2000 and started dating. Unlike most of the famous celebrities, this couple did not go public which kept Samuel’s identity hidden from the media and media could not extract information from him.

Various sources recorded that the couple is blessed with two children, one of which is Jayden and the other son’s identity is not revealed. It is also in news that Jayden is their half-son. It is not known if Jayden is Samuel’s son or Keri’s but it is assumed to be of Keri Hilson for media is aware of her past affairs while Samuel’s past is completely hidden.

Keri Hilson Husband


During the past months, the rumor news of Keri’s on and off relationship with Oklahoma City Thunder Center’s Serge Ibaka and the news of Samuel Soba and Keri Hilson being divorced had gone viral in the entertainment media. The rumor news was not addressed by any party and came out as false after Keri Hilson and Samuel Soba was spotted on Tuesday 10 June 2014 for the Los Angeles Premiere at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. A lot of sources addressed that the relationship between Hilson and Soba could not work due to Keri’s affair rumor but since there has not been any confirmation related to such matter, it is not fair to say so.

Personal Traits

Samuel Soba’s life is a complete mystery. He has not revealed anything and media could not extract anything from Samuel’s life. Looking at his pictures, it is clear that he belongs to Black American community. Tall and handsome Samuel is supposed to be involved in music sector that made Keri and Samuel meet with each other. It came to light that Samuel was born on December 1982. He is also known to be following Christianity in religion.


Samuel Soba is not a popular personality on himself. He is getting the media attention for being the husband of Keri Hilson who gave the world the very famous and heart touching song Knock You Down. Her popularity is the cause of Samuel’s popularity and Keri is making sure, her husband is being noticed in the media as well.

As it is obvious for a celebrity to be a topic for whatever reason, Keri is not void of as well. Keen speculations are obvious in her personal life, of which, Keri is being concerned and using it as an opportunity to make her husband popular as herself for Samuel Soba is not a popular figure in himself. It is also known that he is not that much active in the social media and even though he is believed to be a singer, there are no information about his musical career. There is also no news about his net worth right now. On the other hand, Keri is very active in social media sites and has recently released statement that she would be releasing a new album titled L.I.A.R.