George Santo Pietro: Biography, Career, Personal Life


Restaurateur and director George Santo Pietro is best known as the ex-husband of Television Personality Vanna White, the hostess of Wheel of Fortune. George is one of the most searched personalities on the internet these days.

Early Life

George Pietro was born in the United States of America on 12th of December 1946. He was born somewhere around Beverly Hills, CA. More about the director’s childhood and early life aren’t disclosed, yet, as his fame rose only after dating, marrying, and splitting up with Vanna White.

George Santro Petro Bio


Vanna White has clearly said how rich was George when she decided to marry him. He had his own restaurant back then and made enough money as a dolly grip. He started to work as a dolly grip since 1990, the year he got married to Vanna.

As a grip and dolly grip, George worked for several movies and series like Star Trek: Voyager (all three seasons). Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Pushing Daisies, and True Blood are other memorable mentions when it comes to his contribution.

Married, Divorced, and Children

When Vanna’s fiancé John Gibson was killed, at the age of 37, in an accident in 1986, Vanna was devastated and needed a shoulder to cry on. Vanna was consoled by many fan mails she got after the incident and eventually married to George Pietro, one of her fans, in 1989. In an interview, the TV personality spoke about her ex-husband saying how wealthy, good-looking, and charming George was before they got married.

Vanna went through a massive public miscarriage in 1992, where Pietro supported her with everything he can. However, the marital relationship between them couldn’t last long and both of them moved on towards their own ways in 2002.

George was shocked when his ex-wife announced the news of her engagement with a businessman named Michael Kaye in 2004. The announcement was made in her popular show named ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

George and Vanna were blessed with their first child after five years of getting married. Their first baby was a son and they named him as Niko Santo Pietro. In 1997, five years before their divorce was finalized, Vanna gave George the joy of becoming a father for the second time. They named their second baby, a daughter, as Gigi Santo Pietro.

3 years after parting ways with Vanna, George married TV producer Melissa Mascari. Reportedly, he is still in a marital relationship with her and has a daughter together. Chiara Santo Pietro, born in 2007, is the daughter of George and his second wife Melissa. Rumor has it; George has another daughter named Andrea Santo Pietro whose mother is yet unknown to the media.

Whats new on George Santo Pietro

Most possibly, December 2010 was the last time George made into the news headlines. On that day, he sold his Beverly Hill-area mansion which he built on spec in 2007. The mansion was priced at $50 million originally and was sold for $23.5. Besides a dolly grip and the ex-husband of Vanna White, he is also known as a real estate developer these days.