Leah Carvey: Biography of Actor Dana Carvey’s Wife


It is not a popular name in the entertainment world; however is the name which is often linked when it comes to American actor and stand-up comedian Dana Carvey. The name is Dana Carvey’s ex-wife Leah Carvey. Leah Carvey, the first wife of 61 years old Dana Carvey who is known for his impersonations of George W. Bush and Ross Perot on SNL and for playing The Church Lady and Hans.

Information on Leah Carvey

Leah Carvey is not a high profile name or a celebrity so the media could write up on her. She is the ex-wife of a celebrity who was together for almost four decades ago. Information on her date of birth, childhood, parents, siblings, education, how the couple met, what happened to her after the divorce, what is her relationship status, if she is still alive is a complete mystery.


From this, it is proved that Leah Carvey must be Dana Carvey’s childhood love who is not from the entertainment world. Had she been from the entertainment world, there would have been information so one could trace down on her. Thus, Leah Carvey is not from the entertainment world nor she is a high profile name though involved in the different profession.

Lara Carvey’s married life

Leah Carvey’s name has come into the knowledge of people because of Dana Carvey.  The two got married in 1979. They were happy in the beginning months but later they faced some odds between them and eventually within a year they got divorced in 1980. The reason for their divorce has not been disclosed. It is reported that Leah Carvey was the one to file the divorce. They have no children together.

Leah Carvey’s current relationship status is not known while her ex-husband Dana Carvey is enjoying a euphoric marital life with his second wife Paula Zwagerman. Dana and Paula had met at The Other Cafe during his performance. They started dating soon afterward and eventually got engaged. Looking at the time frame from his marriage to meeting Paula and being engaged with her, it gives the vibe if it was the infidelity of Dana that ruined the marriage of Leah Carvey and Dana Carvey. Dana Carvey got married to Paula Zwagerman in 1983 and has two children named Thomas Carvey and Dex Carvey.

Leah Carvey’s husband Dana Carvey

Dana Carvey is an American actor and stand-up comedian best known for his performances on Saturday Night Live (SNL). He was born on June 2, 1955 and active in the entertainment world since 1978 till date. He performs stand-ups in improvisational, observational, character comedy and satire genres. Dana Carvey is currently sixty-one years old and dedicated to his profession with the same enthusiasm and passion as he had when he just started. He has won the prestigious Emmy Awards and MTV movie Award and has been nominated for several others.