Julie Yaeger Rudd: Everything to Know About Paul Rudd’s Wife

While her husband was pulling the heartstrings of young women with his quirky partnership with Phoebe Buffay in 90’s hit Tv Series, Friends, Julie Yaeger was holding his hands in real life. This beautiful blonde Julie Yaeger was reportedly a former publicist. And we are pretty sure she might have broken few hearts on her way to Rudd’s companionship.

Introduced to us as Mike Hannigan, Paul Rudd portrayed the character like no one else. He was the best possible pair, we could have ever asked for our quirky but lovable Phoebe Buffay.

The star of Ant-Man has always been numb about his relationship with his wife Julie Yaeger. And there aren’t many sources that have information about Mrs. Rudd. However, We have cut down the chase and have mastered everything you need to know about Paul Rudd’s wife – Julie Yaeger.

Julie Yaeger’s Personal & Family Life

As a publicist, Julie Yaeger was tasked to work with Paul Rudd for the promotion works of his movie Clueless. According to an interview with Luke Crisell, Paul admitted that he arrived late at the office and had was rushed to audition. Since Paul was new to New York City, Julie offered her help to accommodate Paul. Her kind heart probably got to Paul which is why he asked her out to a lunch. That was their first official date and the rest is history.

After staying in a relationship for 8 long years, the lovebird finally tied a knot on 23rd of February, 2003. Together they have two kids, son, Jack Sullivan and daughter, Darby. Julie is now a retired publicist and gives most of her time to her family and social works.

julie yaeger with paul rudd and family

As of now, we don’t have any early background of Julie. We know the parents of Paul but Julie’s parents are unknown to the mainstream media. Julie is always seen with her husband during his movie premiers.

As a commoner, stories like these make us believe in the fairy tales.

Julie Yaeger’s Professional Journey

As of now, we know that she is a former publicist. During an interview, Rudd also mentioned that Julie has an eye for screenwriting and often help him with his screenplays. She later started her screenwriting career with “Fun Mom Dinner” that was Alethea Jones. The movie didn’t do too well at the box office but the leads were praised for their roles.

Before working as a screenwriter she was also a working crew member of movies like Men in Black and Mr. Jealousy. She was also an executive producer of the documentary, “The Suite with Dave Karger.”

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Since she isn’t as popular as the Ant-Man himself, we don’t have the exact net worth of Julie Yaeger. However, few forums have suggested that she might pull of somewhere near $1 million a year from her side gigs and investments.

Just like her husband Paul, Julie too isn’t active on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Don’t be mistaken, till this date Paul too doesn’t have an official Instagram account or Twitter handle.