Edmund D’Alto Biography: Know Everything About Tony Ann Filiti’s Son


Edmund D’Alto also known as Edd Filiti D’Alto is a son of an American actress Toni D’Alto and an actor Louis D’Alto. He is the nephew of Sylvester Stallone and Frank Stallone. His cousin brothers are Sage Stallone and Seargeoh Stallone. Edmund D’Alto was born on 1994 when his parents; father Louis was 33 years old and mother Toni was 30 years old.

Early Life of Edmund

Toni and Louis D’Alto got married in 1991. They starred in a film ‘The Appointment’ together. The couple was living a blissful life but something went wrong in between them and the couple got divorced in 2001. At that time, their son Edmund D’Alto was a little boy. He went to New Roads High School in Santa Monica.

Edmund is in the early twenties now and is trying to make his career and perhaps, it would be acting as well as it is in his genes and has grown up in the family who are all active in acting profession.

During 2012, after the death of his cousin brother Sage Stallone, he was emotionally devastated and posted a status on Facebook accusing his aunt Jennifer Flavin, which had made the headlines.

Edmund was approached by the media soon after the post got into Facebook which he deleted in just two minutes and asked to recant his words.

edmund d'alto

Relationship with his family

Toni D’Alto was the half-sister of Frank and Sylvester Stallone. After the divorce, Toni and her son Edmund lived together. But unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Her mother Jackie, her half-brothers Frank and Sylvester, their sons and Edmund took care of her but she lost her battle to lung cancer and died in August 2012. Afterward, Edmund D’Alto was taken care by her uncles, grandmother and cousin brothers.

Looking through the Facebook posts of those days in the past, it is assumed that he did not have a good relationship with his family and was not happy.

The posts to prove it as retrieved from fandaily.info from Edmund D’Alto aka Edd Filiti’s posts are as follows:

‘Jennifer Flavin, you won. You tore this family apart and got your trophy, Congrats!’

‘Like you told my family, “I’m Sly’s family now, he doesn’t [need] you anymore. Let’s see how much he needs you after this.’“What did he do wrong, say happy birthday,” “Neither you or he could return a phone call, which is all he wanted, his father. I know you don’t care what happened, but you’ll care when your (sic) squirming under the burning magnifying glass of public opinion.” “You people make me f*ckin sick.

“No more pain but the pain he leaves his mother with, one of the kindest souls I’ve ever known, who would do anything for anyone, lets see how you brush this off, treat family like this, not one call to me or my mother either, “an angel by her besides” but your son? They’re going to paint you and your wife black and red, your image will disappear and everyone will see whats (sic) inside. Hold on, there’s a big f*cking storm coming. This is beyond disgusting. Good luck, what a f*cking family!