5 Facts about Kimberly Woodruff Jackson: Why she is special to Ice Cube?

The beautiful ebony and heart-throb of the “Cap Dickson” Kim Woodruff a.k.a Kim Jackson is mostly known through her husband Ice Cube. Though Cube is the popular one, it’s Kim who runs the family which is a reason why they stand strong even after 25 years of marriage.

kim and Ice cube with son
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Here we cover 5 facts about Kimberly that will show you why she is special to the record winning rapper. 

Ice Cube met Kim during her college days

kimberly woodruff and ice cube in college days

Ice cube had openly told that he met Kimberly when she was in Auburn University at Montgomery. He was absolutely shrunk with her beauty and fantasised about having her as her girl. Wow! Could she be my woman; was his initial thoughts.

She didn’t date Cube the first time


‘She was simply not having it,’ explains Cube when asked about the first meeting with his wife. She didn’t dig me. Perhaps she was in a relationship at that time added Ice Cube. However, when you are destined to be together, even the universe makes effect to connect you. And this is what happened after 6 months. This is when they hit it off straight away. She could then feel my vibe and fell in love with your vibe describes Cube with a giggling expression.

Kim is a true partner

kim jackson and ice cube

I don’t think further explanation is needed when the marriage has stood for 25 years in the country where stats has the divorce rate of 70%.

Ice Cube has never missed a chance to express his delight for having Kimberly as his wife.

“It’s a true partnership. I respect my wife and I receive the same” claims the actor. She still gives me butterflies and I want her to see me as the man she still wants to be with tell Cube.

Kim is an amazing cook

Although less is known about the personal life of Kim Jackson, we truly know that she is an amazing cook in the eye of her husband. He believes that this is something that he adores about his wife which isn’t the best suit of cube.

Kim devotes her time to family and philanthropy

ice cube and kim woodruff family

The mother of five is an active philanthropist and contributes to various charity works. She is seen progressively working in various community services without any racial slur. She stays away from the limelight and puts her focus more on her family and keeping them together. This is what Ice Cube feels to be the most impressive work of her.

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