Nolan Weekes Biography


Nolan Weeks is the husband of famous English singer-songwriter, poet and actress, Natalie Stewart, popularly known as ‘the Floacist’. Besides this information, there is no other information available on him so far which includes the information on his birth, childhood or career. His identity in the celeb world and media is limited as the husband of Natalie Stewart aka ‘The Floacist’.

Relationship with ‘The Floacist’

As it is well known that Nolan Weeks is the husband of Natalie Stewart ‘The Floacist’, this means he is a married man. From various sources, it came to light that Nolan Weeks and Natalie Stewart had met each other in a script reading. During the time, Natalie Stewart was 19 years old and Nolan must be approximately around that age as well. Natalie Stewart confessed that it was Nolan who found the poetic talent in her. Natalie and Nolan began to fancy each other and then started dating. They got married as well. However, the detail information of their affair and marital life is out of limelight.

It is unknown whether the two are still together or divorced. The information on their children if exist is also out of media radar. It is said ‘no news is a good news’ and therefore, we would like to assume the couple is still together and spending a blissful marital life.

Who is ‘The Floacist’?

Natalie Stewart is known as ‘The Floacist’. Born on February 13, 1979, in South London, UK, Natalie Stewart has been passionate about arts since her childhood. She used to participate in different poetry competitions while at school and used to win it. The skill of her to write poems made it easy for her to write the lyrics for her songs. It was in 1999 when Natalie Stewart was joined by her friend Ambrosius in a Poet Vs Mc’s night for a performance, resulted in the rise of the girl duo band ‘Floetry’.

The duo-girl band ‘Floetry’ became the sensational hit girl band in the UK and started to travel across the United States to gain more fame. The band released two albums and later got disbanded in 2006. Spending four years in arts and craft, Natalie Stewart made her mind to come back in music and released her solo albums. And hence, it made a rise of Natalie Stewart as ‘The Floacist’.