Megan Abrigo – Biography of the No Deal Actress


Megan Abrigo is an American model and actress known best for appearing in the television show Deal or No Deal. She is one of the hottest models in the industry. Megan Abrigo was born on August 11, 1984, in Oahu Island. She is an exotic island beauty who is sweeping the LA, with her big waves of beauty. She has transformed herself from being a young model to a mature actress in the industry.


Megan was born in Oahu Island but was raised in a place Millani which is near to Hawaii. She was born in the working class family and was not raised in a lavish way. As a kid, she used to go to the beach with her friends. She was pretty since her childhood and her mother being an avid fashion lover used to tell her that she is beautiful and she can be whatever she wants to be.  That influenced Megan a lot and built the confidence in her.

Megan Abrigo was spotted on a beach by a photographer. She was about 15 years old that time and began to model as a part time. Her part time hobby/ job developed a passion and she started finding her way out to be a successful model. She is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University with a degree in studio arts in 2005.


After her graduation, Megan tried out to pursue her career in modeling. Having been previously worked as a model, though a part-time, the experience helped her a lot to land in different modeling projects. She first stepped into the commercials and then began to pose as the cover for different brands including Old Navy, L’Oreal, Boost Mobile and many others. She started to become one of the sought after faces in the advertising and commercial world. She started to be recognized by people and started to have glowing fame. Because of this, she has selected for the role in the TV series ‘Deal or No Deal’ for four years. She has also been the host of several programs including ‘Dialed in’.

Net Worth

Megan Abrigo has not disclosed her net worth or salary. She has been involved in different projects and is having a fair career. This means her salary and net worth must be high. Since the sources have stated her net worth is currently under review, hopes are high that her fans can know about it in anytime soon.

Megan Abrigo

Relationship with Daniel Tosh

Megan Abrigo is known for her mystic beauty and sex appeal that has made a lot of people to admire her. She is known to have been in a relationship with Daniel Tosh for quite a good years. They had been dating since February 2009 and they broke up in 2014. The reason for their break-up was cited as Daniel Tosh talking about Megan in a poor manner in front of the viewers that arose the dispute among the couple leading to break up.

Following their break up, of course, both the couple was heartbroken as they had spent quality time together for years. However, the things did not work out well between them and they had to move on. Daniel tweeted that he is married to the ballerina and later the tweet was proved as his joke while Megan Abrigo started dating sports agent Kyle Thousand who is equally hot and handsome like Daniel Tosh.

Kyle Thousand is reported to be a former collegiate and professional baseball player. He is currently serving at the Baseball Division at Roc Nation Sports as the Managing Director of Baseball. Megan Abrigo publicly shared her and boyfriend Kyle’s pictures through her social account. They are said to be together for more than a year now.

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