Timothy Mowry: Tia and Tamera Mowry’s Father Life Story

He was one of the most decorated servicemen of his time. A US military veteran and retired first sergeant, Timothy Mowry is notably known as the father of Tia and Tamera Mowry. The twin duo that thrilled viewers heart through their impactful performance in the ABC series “Sister-Sister.” They were just 15 at the time of the premiere.

Tim’s Early Background and Career

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Timothy John Mowry was into sports from an early age. He did his high schooling from Miami, Florida where he met his wife and mother of four kids, Darlene Renee Flowers. He is white and has Irish ancestry whereas his wife is of Afro-Bahamian descent.

Like many American youths, he used to take part in various sporting events including college football. The strict nature and discipline taught by his family led his interest in the Army. His journey to Army started with selection on country army team. He passed his physical and mental tests with flying colors.

While he was in the service, he held the rank of first sergeant (1SG) where he had to perform administrative duties as well as leading a battalion. 1SG is also called “father of the unit” as the prosperity and development of soldiers depend on first sergeants.

After retiring from US military, he moved to California where he worked as a custody officer in the City of Glendale Police Department. At the moment, he is enjoying the retirement life while his three kids have done great with their acting career.

mowry family

Timothy John Mowry’s Family Life

Tim married Darlene just after few years of his service in Military. They have four kids together. Tia and Tamera were born on July 6, 1978. Tamera is the big sister to Tia by just 2 minutes. Their parents moved to California just to help them pursue their career in the entertainment industry. Darlene took charge of their initial careers when they were in the group Voices. Starting from Sister-Sister, the identical duo of Tia and Tamera have been in various Television series as well as films. They also had their own television series Tia & Tamera that aired on Aug 8, 2011, to September 22, 2013.