Lauren Hashian: Biography and Wiki of Rock’s Girlfriend and Sib Hashian’s Daughter


She is a songwriter and singer. But she also happens to be the longtime girlfriend of the megastar “the Rock” and the daughter of Sib Hashian, drummer of a widely popular band – “Boston.”

But is this the only identity that describes the beautiful Lauren Hashian?

In this Biography of her, we try to uncover every detail we know about her. From early lifestyle to her decade relationship with the Rock, we dig the hidden gems for you.

Early story of Lauren Hashian

Lauren Hashian was born on September 8, 1984, in Lynnwood, Massachusetts. Her father John Thomas aka Sib Hashian was a drummer of a popular band Boston that was active in 70’s and 80’s. On March 22, 2017, he passed away at the age of 67 while performing on the rock cruise ship.


Her mother Suzanne Hashian was working as the bunny of Dallas Playboy Club at Express Tower by North Central Expressway. Working as Bunny for Hugh Hefner (founder of Playboy) was like modeling for Beauty pageants says one of the former bunnies.


Lauren has two siblings Adam and Aja Hashian. Aja and Lauren both compose and produce music together. Looks like the sisters have inherited the musical talents from their father.

Lauren Hasina and siblings in her early days
Credit: Aja Hashaian Instagram

Coming from an affluent family gave her the privilege to pursue her dreams from an early age.

Lauren Hashian’s Career: Rise to Mainstream Media

Instead of taking high roads by using her father’s influence, she used SoundCloud as a medium to introduce her music.

The Hashian sisters duo collaborated at the start of their career to spread the words out. You can directly listen to her tracks like Memory and Go Hard in SoundCloud.

She was also a contestant on an American reality Tv series – R U the Girl that aired on UPN network in 2005. It was hosted by Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. Although Tiffany Baker was crowned the ultimate winner, it’s  doable to say that it’s Hashian who hit the jackpot at the later stage of her career.

In 2005, She was seen with her father Sib during an epic concert that collaborated rock legends like Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau. In 2006, she performed side by side with her dad’s band, Ernie, and the Automatics.

During her ever-growing career, she has worked in creative licensing department of The Warner Music before shifting forward to the Paramount Pictures music department from 2010 to 2012

Lately, she was featured in Walter French’s music video “Go hard” that release in June 2017. One of the contributors to the music was none other than her sister Aja Hashian.

Start of the bigger picture: Relationship with Dwayne “the rock” Johnson

She was just starting to pick up bones with her music when she suddenly hit the media scenes with her relationship with Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

Many mainstream media were shocked by the revelation as they didn’t see that coming. The rock had just been divorced from his ex-wife – Dany Garcia when the news broke the scenes.

Dwayne met Lauren in the sets of “Game Plan” in 2006. Some news even claims that she might have been the reason behind Dany and Dwayne’s divorce. But the sources are too shallow to be deemed true. Especially as the three are quite often seen together, it might just be a stereotype misconception. They even celebrated Christmas together.

Dany is currently married to Dave Rienzi. And has taken the role of managing the rock as her full-time job. She also runs companies like Garcia Companies and Seven Bucks along with the Rock. Lauren and Dany don’t seem to share any anger between each other and everything among them is extremely professional.

When it comes to their personal life, the duo keeps it down and secret. Although the couple has been together for over a decade now, they are hardly seen together.

The couple was seen together during the premiere of G.I.Joe: Retaliation in 2013 followed by Hercules the next year. Lately, she stood side by side with the people’s champ in his latest movie premiere “Jumanji.”

In an interview, the rock opened up about his long-term girlfriend and his firstborn Simone.

When we talk about the successful end, Lauren and Simone aren’t mentioned. But they are up there. Its a balance of my home life, Lauren and my daughter that makes it possible says the Fast and Furious legend.

My house is full of laughter. She makes fun of me and I do the same – adds Dwayne.

Mother of One and welcoming second daughter

December 16, 2015, embarked a new journey for Lauren and Hashian as they welcomed their first child – Jasmine Johnson.

Rock celebrated her daughter’s first birthday with a video of him singing “Happy Birthday” and ending with the question – “Who’s the best daddy in the world?”

Rock didn’t share her second birthday as he was busy with his movie promotions. However, we got some big surprise.

Apparently, Rock and Lauren are ready to welcome their second daughter. And Rock didn’t shy away from spreading the happiness to his fans.

He wrote: “Our Jasmine Lia would like to make a big announcement – IT’S A GIRL!”

He even went as far as to say how he is the only dude surrounded by beautiful estrogen and loving, powerful female mana.

How much she racks up?

Money shouldn’t be an issue when you are the girlfriend of a star that has 30-40 projects lined up. Although her net worth isn’t revealed, the insiders do tell that But the musician of her caliber makes something around $5 million.

rock mansion

She lives with Dwayne in his $3.4 million Florida mansion. With 13,000 share foot area, the mansion covers 6 bedrooms, a home theater, his second home – gym, and many more features.

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