Dave Reinzi: All you need to know about The Rock’s Personal Trainer

Whenever you see a tall masculine ripped guy or women who are in crazy shape, there are so many things that ring the head. From diet plan to the trainer, every piece blend toward the questions.

But when the same thing applies to a celebrity, we go crazier to learn more.

And, when the talk is the guy who has been awarded as the entertainer of the year, its common to trigger our thoughts to the trainer and the regime.

Who are we talking about? Yes, it’s the winner of 2017 Favourite premium series actor, Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

And this is what you need to know about The Rock’s personal Trainer – Dave Rienzi.

Dave Rienzi: The Inside Story of the famous bodybuilder


Born on 25 April 1984, Dave Rienzi has made name for himself as an American bodybuilder. However, his name was widely known primarily due to his linkup with Dwayne Johnson and his ex-wife Dany Garcia who is currently his wife.

He comes from a North American descent. However, not much is known about his parents or early childhood background.

Professional Journey of Dave Rienzi


Before joining hands with The Rock as his personal trainer, he had competed in various bodybuilding competition under the light heavyweight category. Few of his accolades are earning the 4rth rank during 2011 NPC South Eastern US Championships and 3rd position in IFBB North Americans Championships in 2014.

He also runs his own strength and conditioning fitness center named as Renzi Strength. He has also trained many celebrities including NFL stars like Kayvon Webster.

Relationship with the Rock

From his days at wrestling to creating a buzz in Hollywood scenes, Dwayne the Rock Johnson has paired with many celebrity fitness gurus to prepare him for the role.

His major run was probably with Billy Beck who trained him for 7 years after his distinctive WWE exit to focus on Hollywood.

However, just before Wrestlemania in 2011, Dwayne started working with Rienzi and since that date, he’s shedding his aesthetic skills to improve and maintain the Rock’s huge physic.

Dave Rienzie Family: He married Rock’s Ex-wife Dany Garcia


Dave married Dany Garcia in 2014 at Orlando. They met each other during Rock’s fitness routine with Dave. Although Dany is the ex-wife of Rock, the duo have mutual understanding resulting in different business ventures. Rock and Garcia even have a production house named Seven Bucks which they cofounded together.


Dwayne and Dany’s Relationship

dwayne with eva marie in the middle and dany garcia rock's ex wife in the right
Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and WWE’s Eva Marie at the “San Andreas” premiere

After being married for a decade with Dwayne the Rock Johnson, Dany Garcia filed for divorce in 2007.

Like it has always been with Hollywood, the couple fell into the hurricane of their unsuccessful marriage. Whether it’s the Kardashians or Aniston’s no-one has been spared from the wrath of this curse. The similar fate struck these long-term lovers who had been together for 17 years right from their undergrad days at the University of Miami.

Some sources claim that rock might have cheated on Dany with his now girlfriend Lauren Hashian. However, this certainly doesn’t come from the couple which lefts the information for validation.

Even after the post-divorce trauma, Rock and Dang work together as business partners where she manages Rock. She has been in the background of Rock’s career starting from his Football’s day to WWE. She definitely knows one or two things about scripts as she used to make annotations and comment on the roles he takes.

So this led to her full-time job as Rock’s manager.

In an interview, she revealed the trauma of solving how and what-ifs that surrounded their marriage. However, they both were able to take a high-end road to work just as business associates.

Dave’s Social Media Presence

For many celebrities and fitness gurus, social media is a must. Not only it’s a place to connect with their fans but also gives them hook up with big names themselves. Dave too has a strong social media presence with over 27.6 followers on his Instagram account. You can follow him on his Instagram and Twitter to get his latest updates.