Nicole Curtis Biography: Everything you need to know about the Rehab Addict Girl

Rehab Addict Girl Synopsis 

Known best as Rehab Addict girl Nicole Curtis is an expert of the renovation of the old houses, preserving and restoring the existing architecture. Hailed from Detroit, Nicole Curtis is an HGTV and DIY star. She is a licensed realtor. With the philosophy of ‘restore old homes to their former glory’, Nicole Curtis has earned her fame in American television for her home renovations through the show Rehab Addict. Born on 1976 August 20, Nicole Curtis is a single mom to her two children.

Childhood and Education

Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis has not revealed information on her early life. She has not mentioned the name of her parents nor any information on her siblings. Nicole learned the habit of reuse and recycle from her parents and grandparents. They run a garbage business. Having seen her parents, reusing the furniture and renovating them, it made Nicole fancy on renovations which she began to develop a passion.

Initially, Nicole aspired of being an attorney. However, she later switched to education. She is a graduate of Lake Orion High School and attended college in Georgia, Florida, and Michigan. She did not complete her education as she became a mother to her son Ethan prior to her graduation.

Nicole Curtis rehab addict net worth 

What is Nicole Curtis Net worth? Nicole Curtis is a self-made woman. She had the passion for earning the name and fame by her own and yes, she sits it. She has been successful in doing so. She is the producer and host of her own show ‘Rehab Addict’ and own her own design firm ‘Nicole Curtis Design’. Hence, it is for sure that she earns a very good amount of money. Her current estimated net worth is $5 million dollars.

Career and Path

Being the daughter of garbage businessman, she has it in her blood. The skills to reuse and renovate the old things were gifted to her by birth. When she was 18, she had the money to buy her first house in Florida. She had worked in three different jobs to earn this money. Nicole wanted to start on her own and make her own identity. Nicole confesses that she was interested in rehabbing because she was poor and that gave her the motivation to have the things done without having to pay money, by your own.

Nicole started her professional journey doing the renovation of her own personal properties being based in Minneapolis, Florida, and Detroit. In the course of time, she got the offer to start her own show with productions credits which now is popularly known as ‘Rehab Addict’. The fame of Nicole Curtis is accredited to the popularity of the show.

Nicole Curtis’s Rehab Addict

Rehab Addict is the television show that documents the home renovations by Nicole Curtis. The show is produced and anchored by Nicole herself. Rehab addict is the show that airs on HGTV and DIY, where Nicole Curtis advocates for preservation and restoration of old homes in their original glory without the touch of modernization. She has rehabbed homes in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Akron.

All the rehab processes and procedures were documented by the show, where Nicole is supported by her crew but still she is the in charge. Nicole can be seen in ripped jeans, ponytail and a glass and using the tools on her own in the process of renovation. Rehab Addict has gained a considerable number of viewers and through the show; Nicole has earned lots of audiences and admirers. The show rehab addict has aired 7 seasons so far and there has been an announcement by Nicole Curtis through her facebook page that the 8th season of Rehab Addict is going to be aired soon.

Personal Life of Nicole Curtis 

Rehab addict Nicole Curtis is very private when it comes to her personal life. She has not disclosed much of the essential information regarding her private life. However, media has been able to uncover some of her secrets but there are still confusions and accuracy of the uncovered information is yet to be known.

Nicole Curtis is a mother of two. Some source has reported she had been married to her college sweetheart Steve Lane, with whom she has a son named Ethan. It is reported that Nicole and Steve had met in their college and from there, their love relationship started. However, Nicole has not spoken a word about her marriage or divorce with Steve Lane but has been a single mother to her son Ethan since very long. Nicole Curtis published her picture on Facebook, holding a dog and revealing her baby bump. It was her second pregnancy. She did not disclose the name of the father of the child.

However, a year back in 2016, the news of the problem of Nicole with ex-boyfriend pops on the internet as a viral one. It was then, the name of her boyfriend and the father of her second child was revealed. The problem over the custody of her second son Harper made the things with Nicole Curtis and her ex-boyfriend Shane Maguire to turn very sour. It is not clear if the legal battle over the custody is over yet. However, reading the announcement of the 8th season of Rehab addict, it seems her son Harper splits his time with his mother and father. Nicole is currently living in a renovated 1904 home in Detroit with her children and two dogs.

Personal Traits and Interests

Nicole Curtis loves her grandparents to the moon and back. It is reported that she bought a house, renovated it and gifted it to her grandfather. She is also known as salvage queen as she is known for adopting orphaned stuff. She loves to travel and performs regular exercise. She is fitness concerned as well.

Nicole stands the height of 5 feet and 3 inches. She is blessed with a perfectly hourglass shaped body with the body measurement of 36-24-35 inches. She is blessed with a luscious blonde hair. Nicole Curtis is a woman with talent and skills along with the beauty.