Nicholas Morgan Lieberman: Everything you need to know about Marilu Henner’s Son


Nicholas Morgan Lieberman is not a famous name currently but is known to the media as a celebrity son. His identity at the moment is the son of famous American actress Marilu Henner and American director Robert Lieberman. Besides, Nicholas is a sophomore at Columbia University. Nicholas Morgan was born 1994 and he is currently 22 years old.

Childhood and Education 

Nicholas Morgan Lieberman was born as the first child of his parents in the year 1994. He was born in the United States of America and raised there. He is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Nicholas has a sibling named Joseph Marlon Lieberman who was born a year later in 1995. Being a celebrity child, Nicholas did not have a struggling childhood in terms of financial aspect.

However, his parents got divorced when he was a little kid and somehow, there was an impact of it on his childhood. Nicholas Morgan and his younger brother Joseph Marlon were raised by their mother Marilu Henner. Later in 2006, their mother remarried to Michael Brown. Nicholas Morgan and his brother received the fatherly care and support from their stepfather then after along and their biological father Robert Lieberman also takes care of them.

Nicholas is a high school graduate and currently a sophomore at Columbia University. He is very talented in his studies and writes columns and articles for his University as well as his blog have been posted at Huffington Post.  It is unknown which career path Nicholas will choose in days to come but it is for sure that his mother Marilu Henner and his father Robert and step-father Michael will be supporting is every step.

Is Nicholas Morgan Lieberman single or has a girlfriend? 

Moving onto his personal relationship life, it is a topic of curiosity to every reader on the relationship status of a celebrity son. Obviously, many girls at his university have their eyes on him and perhaps he might have a girlfriend as well. However, he has been so discreet to reveal his personal life to the media and speak out in public; his relationship status is complete shade.

Nicholas Morgan Lieberman is often seen in the events and functions with his mother rather than a girl. It seems he is a ‘momma-boy’ and likes to keep his relationship status clean. He is in his early twenties so possibly he is not in hurry to start a relationship or it can be possible as well that he does not want to disclose his girlfriend.

Who are Nicholas Morgan Lieberman’s parents? 

nicholas morgan lieberman with Marilu Henner

The identity of Nicholas Morgan Lieberman is linked with the fame of his parents at present. He is a celebrity son and his parents are famous actress Marilu Henner and famous director Robert Lieberman.

Robert Liberman was born on July 16, 1947, in Buffalo, United States. He is an American director of Hollywood movies and television series. He was the founder of a commercial production company Harmony Pictures and has directed about 2000 commercials. He was the first winner of DGA Award for Best Commercial Director. All I Want for Christmas, Titanic, and Breakaway, the X-files, Shark, and Dexter are some of the television and movies he directed. Besides, he is also a producer and writer.

Nicholas Morgan’s mother Marilu Henner is a well-known American actress, producer, author and a radio host. She is best known for her work on the sitcom Taxi as Elaine O’Connor Nardo. Marilu was born on April 6, 1952, in Chicago, United States. She is an author of an autobiography, By All Mean, Keep Moving. Marilu was a contestant on season 23 of Dancing with the Stars in 2016 and has finished 6th.

Nicholas Morgan Lieberman is enjoying the media attention as the proud son of popular and well-known celebrity parents.