Lori Anne Allison: Biography of Johnny Depp’s Ex-wife

Before there was Amber Heard tickling the heart of Captain Jack Sparrow, there was a beautiful lady through his teen life. She is none other than Lori Anne Allison, also known as L.D among her peers and family.

Although she is one of the most decorated makeup artists, her rise to fame was much to do with her marriage with Johnny Depp.

Childhood of Lori Anne Allison

Born on September 6, 1957, Lori showered her interest in makeup and fashion from an early stage. At a benevolent age of eight, she used to experiment her make up skills on her dolls. She used to cut the doll’s hair and pave makeup on them with the pen.

At the age of eleven, she started using papers to draw the prototype of a face with makeup. She used to draw eyes with eyeliners and fill it with eyeshadows to make it visibly gorgeous. Further, she used to sketch lips with lipstick.

Although the talent was definitely there her makeup skills were still at the raw stage. It was only after she visited makeup boutique at Collins Avenue where she was able to learn the difference between skin enhancement and exaggeration. She was just 13 at that time.

How Allison got her initial inspiration

Lori Anne was fascinated with colorful faces and makeup enhancements from an early age. While every kid in her school wanted to be doctor and lawyers, she was the opposite.

She was never afraid to put on unconventional clothing just to be creative. Placing rainbow streak in her hair and shaving her eyebrows was just another common thing for Allison.

“I couldn’t fit among my peers as I was considered freak!”  said Lori with a smile on her face.

She used to follow many top musicians, models, and actors. But her major inspiration came through the make up artist Way Bandy. 

Although she showed signs of the talented makeup artist from her childhood days, it was never her first choice. Matter of fact, before making into the makeup profession, she was into the music industry. She wanted to become a record producer. To achieve her dreams she moved to Los Angeles where she made a lot of friends from the music industry.

However, her dreams were shattered when a target shooting mishap turned her left ear deaf.

Lori’s Relationship with Johnny Depp

Lori and Johnny’s initial dating details haven’t been disclosed to the public. But speculations are made that it has to do with Johnny’s Band Rock City Angels. As she is the cousin of Peter Duchin a famous pianist, rumors are made that there must be a connection between Johnny and her cousin for setting up their meeting.

Lori and Johnny Depp married in 1983. She was 25 and he was just 20 at the time of marriage. Sadly, the couple split after just two years of marriage. Whether it’s due to the blooming career of Johnny or because of the tender age, the reason is a mystery. Even after 32 years of their divorce, the duo is still friends.

She even called Johnny after the death of his mother. She even went as far as to show her support to Johnny Depp during Amber Heard’s domestic abuse allegations. The Johnny I know would never lay a hand on a woman said, Lori.

Lori Anne Allison professional career

After her ambition was flushed by the disaster, she was quick to find her creative drive through makeup. As the kid who was always motivated by the smell of makeup, it wasn’t difficult for her to pounce on the beauty market.

As compared to the male dominant market like record producing, the beauty industry welcomed her talents with both hands. During the edgy start of her career, she was well supported by Christina Applegate who gave her first breakthrough in the television industry. Guess what! She also gave Lori her first makeup kit.

Furthermore, Adam Ant also gave her first break in a film and play. Although she didn’t make it big in big screens like her Ex-husband, she does have a long list of big clients that she can take it any other day.

Hard works pay off but if hard work combines with a big star, there comes the big difference.

Where is Lori Now?

At the moment Lori owns two minor companies Serendipity Lip Glosses in February 2015 and D’Cups. She is also a freelance makeup artist giving her a ton of clients to keep her busy.

She is also inactive on social media. We scanned through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook but to no avail. Looks like she wants to live under the rock in terms of public life. But she is never away from the media shadows being the ex-wife of the handsome hunk.

There were also rumors that claimed she is dead. This is absolutely false! She isn’t married yet but living in prosperity.

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