Leslie Mann

Mainly known for her charismatic roles in several films directed by his real life husband, Judd Apatow, American actress Leslie Mann has certainly made a name for herself in the big screen.


Born in San Francisco, California on March 26, 1972, Leslie always had the urge to work on the silver screen. She started her acting career from the back of her illustrious acting school training and several parts in commercials and small films. Her successful movies were The Cable Guy and Big Daddy that really skyrocketed her career. In 1997 she married Judd Apatow; the director of popular movies like The 40-Year Old Virgin.

Young Leslie Mann and her Childhood

Raised by a single mother who was a real estate agent, Leslie was always shy and introvert by nature. She hardly talks about her father. While talking to her in an interview, she said that she doesn’t remember even the footprint of her biological father. She believes she doesn’t have a father at the first place because she doesn’t have any sort of relationship with him. Leslie Mann young life started in Newport beach, California with her siblings raised by just her mother. She attended Corona del Mar High School and studied acting at the Joanne Baron/ D.W Brown Studio.

This California native who earned the name for herself as a funny girl started her career at the age of 18. At this time she wasn’t the most stylish girl of the time. She was seen waling on the red carpet in a shift dress and looked like someone who knows nothing about Hollywood.

Career Breakthrough

Although Leslie started to act from the age of 18 through short commercials, her major acting skills were honed by veteran actor Joanne Baron in Santa Monica, California. She also studied comedy with the Groundlings that really set the tone for her future. From 1990 she started getting roles in lesser known movies like Things I Never Told You, but it was Ben Stiller’s dark comedy The Cable Guy that got her the ultimate breakthrough.

Marriage and Personal Life

During her audition for The Cable Guy, Mann met her now husband Judd Apatow one of the film producer of the movie. In an interview she told that Mann and Apatow hit it quite swiftly after their first meeting. They were officially married in 1997. Since then Mann has been featured in several other projects produced by her husband including series like Freaks and Geeks.

Mann and Apatow have two child together – Maude and Iris. They both were screened on the films like Knocked UpFunny People and This Is 40. Well, that’s one way of living a life of celebrity’s child.

They both are constant supporters of various noble organisations like B26LA and UCLA. Their philanthropic contributions were honoured by Bogart Paediatric Cancer Research Program itself in 2012.