Heidi Bivens: Everything you need to know about the fashion stylist

Heidi Bivens is an American fashion stylist, editor and a costume designer. She lives in New York with her mother Marilyn Bivens. She was born on 27th June 1976 in Virginia, USA.

heidi bevins

Her career

Heidi started her career as a fashion stylist & the costume designer since the late 90’s and is still doing it with a good passion. She started her career at W Magazine and WWD in New York City. Her effort as a fashion stylist can be seen in some popular magazine like Purple, Vogue US and I-D and many others. She has also worked as a costume designer in the film industries and her work on Inland Empire (2006), Spring Breaker (2012), The Longest Week (2014) is the popular one. Her job in both fashion and film discipline are appreciated by the people which gives her a unique identity.

You can watch her latest costume design in the video of Kenzo world commercial. Actress Margaret Qualley looks fascinating in stunning and elegant green gown and black shoes designed by Heidi.

Beside a costume designer, she involves herself as artists, actors, filmmaker and model. She was featured as an actor in few movies and short films.

Her Love Life

Heidi Bivens met the Hollywood actor Justin Theroux at her 20’s and started dating him. Both of them started live-in relationship and were together for 14 years. Heidi’s mother assumes Theroux as her family member during that time.

In 2007, Theroux shot a film with the popular series Friend’s actress Jennifer Aniston and started dating her after the completion of the movie Wanderlust in 2010. In 2011, Theroux broke his 14 years beautiful relationship with Bivens and married to Jen.

This was sad news for her. According to her mother Marilyn, Heidi had to have a bad time as she was suffered from cancer at the same time. But, she proved herself as a strong girl and moved on with her life. Since, that incident there is no news of her new love affair in the recent days, so we think she is single.

 Her Net Worth

Heidi Bivens is not a popular name in the Hollywood. So, we didn’t find any information on her net worth.

Her Social Media Engagement

An American fashion stylist and costume designer seems to have active involvement in different social media like Twitter , Vimeo and Instagram. You can follow her if you like her.