Felicia Forbes – Biography of Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister’s Wife

Felicia Forbes is the wife of an actor and former wrestler Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister. She is a missionary and a minister from her Cape Town, South Africa. She is a native of South Africa but she has American nationality after getting married to her husband Tommy Lister. She is not a popular celebrity or a renowned name in media and therefore, there is very little known about her. Felicia has not disclosed any information regarding her parents, childhood or education. She even has not revealed her age and date of birth.

First encounter with her future husband

Felicia Forbes and her husband Tommy Lister had first met in South Africa where he was working for his action based movie titled ‘Blast’. It is said that they had fallen in love at the first sight. They started meeting frequently afterward finding some excuses. Later they started dating and decided to get married.

Marital Life of Felicia Forbes

Having known each other and being certain that they are made for each other, the couple decided to get married. They exchanged their marital vows in 2003 in the house of Falk Haroun, known as one of the best Construction Developer of South Africa. Felicia is Christian by faith and so is her husband Tommy Lister. He belongs to West Angeles Church of God in Los Angeles. Their marriage was attended by Samuel L Jackson who used to go the same church as Tommy.

Felicia is blessed with an adorable daughter with her husband. The couple travels around the world serving as a minister trying to reach many churches, schools, and troubled youth. The couple looks happy together and often accompanied by each other’s company. There are no any issues or misunderstandings seen in between this couple.

Felicia Forbes is a stunning woman. She stands the height of 5 feet 7 inches and the body measurement of 33-24-35 inches. She is a very beautiful person with a beautiful heart as she serves as a minister and missionary, which are the key things to serve in this field.

Felicia Forbes wife of Tommy Lister
Felicia Forbes wife of Tommy Lister

Short bio on Felicia Forbes husband Tommy Lister

Husband of Felicia Forbes, Tommy Lister is an American actor and veteran wrestler. He was born on 24th June 1958 as Thomas Lister, Jr. He was born with detached and deformed retina in his right eye making him blind in the right eye.

He has worked in a number of movies including Blue City, Think Big, Little Nicky, The Wash and much more. His recent work that is remembered is as a voice over actor for the character Finnick in an animated movie ‘Zootopia’. His upcoming movies are ‘Hickey’, ’Night Walk’, ‘Popcorn Ceiling’ and ‘The Tempest’. He has prophesized that god is willing to reach him to the young people through his acting and since then he had started working in faith-based movies.

Tommy Lister has the net worth of $100 thousand together with his wife Felicia Forbes. To know more on Felicia Forbes, one must be tracking down the news on her husband Tommy Lister as Felicia’s fame is related with Tommy Lister.