Chaz Dean Biography: Know Every thing about the Celebrity Hairstylist

An introduction to Chaz Dean

Chaz Dean is a familiar name among the people who love hair styling America. Chaz Dean a celebrity hairstylist who has a long list of celebrity clients including Alyssa Milano, Juliana Margulies, and Gwyneth Paltrow. He is also known as the founder of the WEN, a brand of hair care products. Besides, he is also a photographer. He is the one who took the pictures of all the labels of WEN products, models for WEN and everything on its website.

Chaz Dean was born in Vermont and was adopted by a couple who raised him. It is rumored that his biological parents were from Canada and no information is available in his personal life. His date of birth, childhood and educational qualifications are completely on the shade. However, looking at his professional success, he must have attended several professional pieces of training and courses. He undertook a course about cosmetology in Los Angeles.

Chaz Dean Net Worth

Wondering how much does Chaz Dean earns annually? Chaz Dean has a mouth whopping net worth of $11 million dollars. He earned this money solely from his Salon and selling his hair products. Chaz Salon serves with haircut, blowouts, color, highlights, perms and up-dos to his clients. The charge of the service done by him and his stylists are different. When Chaz serves himself he charges a considerable amount. For example if you look on the pricelist for a haircut, if it’s done by Chaz it is $300 dollars and if is done by his stylist, it is $100.Chaz also earns a good amount from his hair products. A 16-ounce bottle of WEN costs $29.95 dollars, which proves WEN is one of the expensive hair brands. Besides, Chaz Dean also owns a $10M townhouse at 59 Greenwich Ave. in Greenwich Village.

Journey to Chaz Salon and WEN, success, and fame

After completing his training and courses, Chaz Dean applied for the job. His first work experience involves being an assistant to a large cosmetic firm in developing their cosmetic products. Afterward, he became the manager of the form’s salon based in Bel Air area in Los Angeles.  Having worked in product development and in hair styling, Chaz Dean became interested in hair care products. Hence, he decided to give a try to make his own identity, which he started out by buying a salon. He renovated the salon and started as Chaz Salon. With his photography skills, it gave a good advert in the town bringing down the high-value clientele in his salon and increasing the fame of the Salon.

Chaz Dean did not stop just with the salon. He utilized the skill that he had while working at the large firm and knowledge from his training and courses to invent his own hair products brand called WEN. Wen became a bit hit back in the years of 2010, sweeping millions of dollars from the market. However, in these recent years, WEN has filed a lawsuit and a considerable number of its female customers claimed the hair loss due to using WEN hair products. The controversy peaked since January 2016 and underwent FDA tests to set safety in cosmetic products, i.e. lead acetate, methylene glycol, quaternium-15, Diazolidinyl urea and propylparaben. All the tests came out negative and were using the similar products like of other hair products.

Is Chaz Dean Gay?

Rumor has it that Hollywood celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean is a gay. Maybe looking at his looks and appearance and his cozy pictures with his male friends have given the hints of his sexuality being a gay. However, it has been unclear since he has not addressed the rumor but has published and talked about his female crush and high school girlfriend in different interviews. His current relationship status is not known.