Alex Brooker: Everything about the english journalist

An English journalist Alex Brooker is a popular name in the British media who is known as the co-host of The Last Leg that hailed to fame from the 2012 Paralympics. Alex is a television presenter, journalist and a comedian. He got the break in the television arena after he successfully auditioned for Channel 4’s hunt for new disabled talent for 2012 Paralympics. Alex Brooker is regarded as one of the top 10 most influential disabled person in the UK. His life is a motivation to all the people. He is also a big fan of Arsenal as you can see from his tweets as well.

Childhood and Family Life of Alex Brooker

Alex Brooker was born on 15th May 1984 in Croydon, England as Alexander James Brooker. He has not disclosed information on his parents but has quoted that his family was his support and because of them, he is comfortable with how he is. Alex was born with twisted right leg and not properly formed hands. His leg was amputated when he was a baby. He wears a prosthetic limb now.

Alex says openly that his parents and family were never uncomfortable talking about him because he being disabled. Alex though seems disable, he is practiced to do his own things. He can play football on his PS4 and he was even assumed to be the lead singer from Mumford & Sons by Louis Walsh. This proves Alex Brooker is cool and normal as a normal human despite his disabilities. He is not related with Charlie Brooker by any means.

Alex went to Norton Knatchbull School in Ashford, Kent and is a graduate of Liverpool John Moores University in 2006. Alex has confessed in the question and answer on his page at, that he always wanted to be a football journalist since his childhood but his teachers would reckon him to focus on his English. He worked as a part-time Junior Sports Writer at the Liverpool Echo while at the university.

Alex Brooker Career: Path to Fame

Alex Brooker is the perfect example to be focused on your dreams despite your limited physical ability. Alex is very cool even though he was and is often teased. Being down to earth and a cool personality, he used to take the joke on himself and crack another joke out of it. This behavior of Alex had already made him loved among his mates and then helped him to successfully audition on the Channel 4 on its hunt for new disable talent for 2012 Paralympics. Alex did cover for the 2011 BT Paralympic World Cup as a trackside reporter and interviewed Boris Johnson and the then prime minister David Cameroon.

Alex brooker disability Gym training

Alex Brooker stated that he was going to be a football reported at the Paralympics but the producer of The Last Leg, Pete Thomas, called him up to do a couple of bits as a reporter on the show, which he did, and then Pete made him sit on the sofa as the co-host. It was Paralympics that made Alex is known to the world and the continuity of his work in the nationally syndicated show ‘The Last Leg’ glorified his fame. Alex is so open on every moment he shares in his profession and takes a good memory of every moment. Since January 2013, Alex became a co-host of The Last Leg on Channel 4. Alex is known for his works in ‘The Jump’ opposite to Davina McCall, Alex Brooker: My Perfect Body and The Superhumans Show. Besides, he has made several guest appearances in different shows.

What Alex Brooker thinks about his Disability?

Most of the people with disability are hesitant, shy and with low-confidence when they face nondisabled people. Alex Brooker, a popular television personality is quite different than them. Alex though was born with disable arms and no bone on his right leg, is very out-going, funny and bold. He does not like to sit at home and be depressed for he was born this way. Alex dreamed and though faced challenges, accepted with his humbleness and boldness, taking him towards success.

Alex is one of the top 10 influential disabled people in the UK. He is the current ambassador for Reach along with top model Kelly Knox, Paralympics medalist in Swimming Claire Cashmore and Patron TV Presenter, Laura Hamilton. Alex Brooker motivates people with disability saying not to be afraid of the disability as it is your own and that is you and part of you. No one can change the fate but to be confident in what you are and have as everyone is different. Alex Brooker is on the number in the Power 100 List who are with disability or impairment in sports, business and entertainment. He comments on his success with encouragement to millions of people out there with a disability that physical disability or health condition is not a barrier to achievement, which indeed is true.

His motivational speech inspired by Alex Zanardi at the Paralympics made many people emotional. He said Alex Zanardi is his hero for his determination and self-pride as a disabled man after winning a gold at Rio describes life as a never ending privilege.

Net Worth of Alex Brooker

Alex Brooker is one of the most loved and influential people in television in the United Kingdom. His salary and net worth is under review and has not been disclosed by any media but is assumed to be high as he earns a good wage from his employer at Channel 4 and from different guest appearances and adverts.

Alex Brooker almost quit the Television?

Alex Brooker confessed that he wanted to quit the television after getting the negative feedbacks from the viewers on his work at ‘The Jump’. Award winning Channel 4 presenter Alex Brook talked about his thoughts to the student of Leeds Trinity. He quoted the television industry as ‘ruthless’ and was warned that he would never make to TV and need to concentrate on print media instead. Alex thought about quitting the television after he became so consumed with negative comments on the Jump. However, he also said that in the comment his disability was not mentioned and was being judged for his own merit. Alex never lost his positive attitude and moved on into experiencing and motivating more people through television.

Alex Brooker with Disability is married?

alex brooker and wife

Alex Brooker has got that look that can make a girl go crazy. He stands the height of 5 feet 11 inches. He is a handsome man. But, he has a physical disability which for many people, who don’t know him, is a big deal. Still, many people are not comfy to talk with disabled people though the attitude is getting better day after day. Alex wrote to a question on that he was not a big hit among girls but was lucky with his awkwardness and most women are not shallow. He said ironically that it is bit awkward to be the mince and onions and you have to broach the subject of removing a limb.

Alex is a married man. He is married to his partner Lynsey Brooker. The exchanged their marital vow as a husband and wife in November 2014 in a private ceremony. The pictures of their wedding are available on their social accounts. Alex Brooker is leading a happy married life. There is a rumor that he is a father of a child but since he has not addressed about the rumor, it is not a confirmed one. But in soon future, the house might be filled with the laughter of a baby. Alex and his wife Lynsey currently lives in London.